About Hillery Woods

My story of overcoming disease

When I became chronically sick, I dove into some deep research and applied it to my own healing process. I became a self-applied scientist on a quest to uncover the source of my pain. Much of my research pointed to the immune system and how to support it. I was attempting to understand something that we had little insight at the time which was adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue lead me to understanding why I felt so threatened all the time that I used up all my reserves to defend myself. There’s so much to tell from my discoveries, but for now I’ll focus on our emotions and the connection to our Central Nervous System.

In my own quest for healing from trauma, I’ve had to provide safety to my own nervous system so I could stop perpetuating a cycle of fear trapped in my body. This discovery helped me return to my true nature and reclaim it from fear. Fear makes us sick. In my worse moments, my immune system was so compromised, my symptoms exploded into Fibromyalgia and chronic fatique with extreme social sensitivity. I turned things around for myself when I found refuge in myself and Nature. We need to do everything we can to harmonize fear and support our immune strength and resilience.

I’ve tried everything from watsu to being rolfed.  In my own experience, I needed the practitioner to not make things worse.  Many sessions I had required me to recover from the results that were forced on me.  Since it was my nervous system holding the trauma, I needed some deep listening.  No pain, No gain is a stupid philosophy.  You don’t need to be forced into feeling better.  Lots of times, healing can happen if we make the right container of safety. 

Safety is my priority. It’s the foundation of all I do and how I discovered my calling. When I’m giving a massage, my focus is on your comfort. That’s why I ask “is your temperature comfortable?”, “is your position comfortable?” The more comfort I can help you receive, the more you relax and that relaxed state provides safety to your nervous system. In that place of safety, your nervous system can receive new information that honors your true nature and who you are at the core. We return to our inherent balance. Even if it’s just for 75mins, that information gets imprinted and the benefits ripple out.


Hillery Woods

Philosophy and practice are two interconnected aspects of yoga integrated into lifestyle and activated in self-study practice. Hillery shares her knowledge based in years of self-study and practice. She gives you opportunities to blow away unhelpful programming and trust your inner intelligence.

Hillery’s objective is to provide customized massage artistry informed by the principles of Tibetan Buddhism, Ayurveda, Breema Bodywork, and Permaculture with an emphasis on restorative and preventative health care.

Her extensive qualifications and breadth of knowledge span the physical and subtle body, including:

  • Empathetic Kinesiology: Keen ability to sense accumulations and pain in the tissue
  • Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue: Knowledge of origins/insertions, antagonist relationships and injury/overuse pain patterns
  • Swedish Massage
  • Neuromuscular Treatment (NMT)
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
  • Treatment of Diaphragm, Psoas and Anterior Neck
  • Subtle body anatomy: Entering and existing through the koshas
  • Ceremonial Bodywork: Use of silent invocation and mantra to hold the container for the whole session
  • Passive movement and breath coaching: RE-member and create new muscle memories accessing the parasympathetic realm of transformation
  • Ability to put new patients at ease and achieve deep relaxation

She continually nurtures her passion through education and has studied a variety of disciplines:

  • 1000 hour Massage Licensing Program, Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA 2003
  • Non-Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenburgh, Seattle WA 2006
  • Permaculture Certification, Earth Activist Training with Starhawk, Sebastopol CA 2006
  • Seeds for the Future, The Work That Reconnects Facilitator Training with Joanna and Fran Macy, Westwind OR, 2008
  • Breema Bodywork, Brittenbush Hotsprings, OR 2008
  • National Certification for Massage and Bodywork, 2010
  • Pennsylvania State Licensed Massage Therapist, 2010
  • 5 Day Seminar Jin Shin Jyutsu: Philomena Dooley, Woodstock NY 2012
  • Hot Basalt and Cold Marble stone therapy, Nature’s Stones, Bucks County Community College, 2011
  • LomiLomi Intensive, Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Moravian College PA 2012
  • Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics 100 hours, YOGADHARMA, Amy Meade, Buckingham PA 2012
  • Tibetan Heart Yoga Immersion 100 hour, YOGADHARMA, Amy Meade, Buckingham PA 2013
  • 5 Day Seminar Jin Shin Jyutsu: Philomena Dooley, Morristown Hospital NJ 2013
  • 5 Day Seminar Jin Shin Jyutsu, part 1: Petra Elmendorff, New York City NY 2013
  • Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours, YOGADHARMA with Will and Amy Meade, Buckingham PA 2014
  • 5 Day Seminar Jin Shin Jyutsu, Jed Schwartz, Woodstock NY 2014
  • Board Certification for National Licensing: NCBTMB, 2014
  • Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Kathryn Templeton, Himilayan Institute 2015
  • Nuad Boran: Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Massage, Mukti Michael Buck, Philadelphia PA 2015
  • Abhyanga and Garshana, Hilary Garivaltis, Kripalu MA 2016
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Certification Program, Jed Schwartz, Susan Schwartz, Anita Willoughby, Iole Lebensztajn, MD, Morristown Hospital NJ, October 2016
  • Shirodhara with Marma Balancing, Hilary Garivaltis, Kripalu MA 2017
  • Vishesh Ayuvedic Deep Tissue massage, Hilary Garivaltis, Kripalu MA 2018
  • Ayurvedic Face, Head, Hand and Foot massage, Hilary Garivaltis, Kripalu MA 2019
  • Ayurvedic Pregnancy Training: Classic Care from Conception to Delivery, Dr. Rosy Mann & Dr. Ruth Schleifer, M.D., Kripalu MA 2019 
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Program, Kerala Ayurveda Academy, 2020

Hillery’s experience exemplifies her commitment to the healing arts:

  • Alchemical Healing Practitioner at Integrative Healing Arts, Vashon Island WA, 2003-2005
    • Worked primarily with Clients who were going through cancer and using Alchemical healing to amplify their healing capacity and decrease pain from side-effects of drugs as well as end of life care and support
  • Licensed Massage Therapist at Cornerstone Athletic Club, Doylestown PA, 2010-2012
    • Worked two days a week serving the club clientele
    • Emphasizing injury prevention
  • Licensed Massage Therapist at Chiropractic Healing Arts, Quakertown PA, 2010-2015
    • Worked with owner/chiropractor to build massage practice serving Auto Injuries, Workman’s Comp, and Well-maintenance massage
    • Proficient at SOAP charting and client treatment plans in collaboration with chiropractic care
  • Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Roots & Wings Therapeutic Bodywork, Quakertown PA, 2010-present
    • Practice located in light-filled professional building with ground floor access, easy parking and quiet privacy.
    • Integrate massage and bodywork offering clients Vedic Thai assisted yoga-massage, Customized Deep Tissue, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Alchemical Healing energy work, and a full Ayurvedic Spa menu
    • Offering of Far-Infrared technology to detox and energize body: Sauna and Amethyst & Tourmaline BioMat
    • Moved practice to Sellersville inside Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary, November, 2020

Hillery has been a member of the American Massage Therapist Association since 2010, Yoga Alliance since 2014, and National Ayurvedic Medical Association since 2018.

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Wellness Councelor

Licensed Massage Therapist

What My Clients Say About Me

I would love to thanks an amazing healer, Hillery woods. I went in with hip/lower back pains that kept me awake for one week and unable to tie my own shoes. I went in for one hour with Hillery, and I finally slept soundly last night. She was able to release the stress I had caused in a very deep and hard to reach muscle in my hip. (Quite honestly, a muscle I never knew I had!) But it is her kindness, her gentle caring nature that touches me the most. She is a healer.
Mom and Restaurant owner