Workshops & Professional Enrichment

Hillery has been assisting individuals and groups in uncovering and experiencing their innate connections with others, and with the self-healing powers within the web of life.  Her role as guide and container-holder has helped participants on their journey towards inner discovery through Sacred Circle Work since 2002. This work comprises facilitation models that help propel vision and action. In her twenty plus years of volunteer work-study as human rights witness, community organizer, celebration artist and ceremonial sound facilitator, she learned models such as The Work That Reconnects, Dragon Dreaming, Conversation Café, Open Space, Fishbowls and Group Dialogue.  The class models applied at Roots & Wings value different learning styles and dismantling institutional learning.   Hillery is proficient in guiding self-discovery based in direct experience and artful practice/application.  The more we study our attitudes, behaviors actions and habits, the more we participate in fulfilling our duty and purifying our destiny.  Ultimately finding value in healing ourselves so that our future beings and ancestors can reap the merits of our work.  The study of our shared human experience interwoven with the bigger picture helps propel dreams, trust ourselves and rejoice in sharing our gifts with the world.