Yoga Classes

Hillery’s small classes ensure a safe environment with plenty of teacher/student attention. Her keen ability to tune into your body and encourage your path as a practitioner is worth showing up itself! The evolution of fitness through yoga builds a safe container for anyone to embark on a yoga experience. Many postures and shapes can be modified to adapt to your starting point or propel your already established practice. My classes are based in traditional yoga wisdom informed by Therapeutic dance, Alignment-based yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Earth based Ceremony and a 13 year career in facilitating healing for Self, Family and Community.

Drop In $15
5 Class Pack* $65
10 Class Pack* $110

*Discounts encourage students to commit to their practice. Class packs are designed to be used, not saved.

Yoga Classes and Schedule

Chair Yoga: Moving for ease and stability

These classes utilize props and chairs to support correct alignment. Movements in the class develop strength, release tension and balance weakness. Your daily movements will gain more ease and strength. This class is good if you can’t get up and down from the floor easily. Elders, those recovering from injury, or living with chronic illness this class is for you too. Every “body” will benefit from moving the joints and challenging balance.

Occupational Yoga-Movement

This class will focus on setting you up for success accomplishing your daily movements with greater ease. We use yoga postures to bring more stability to everyday rhythms: Walking, Balancing, Developing core strength, Picking up grandkids or laundry. If you’re recovering from a fall or want to find more stability in your every-day movements, this class is for you!

Mid-day Stretch More and Stress Less Clinic

Who needs coffee after lunch? This is way better! Come in for open space stretching, meditation or yoga. All the props are out for use: Lie on an exercise-ball, grab a strap and stretch your legs, use the bolsters for restorative yoga. Re-energize by laying on the Bio-Mat or use the Bio-Belt. Mini-stations with suggestions are available for you to energize your afternoon three times a week.

Friday Let Go and Restore

$35.00 *Can use two class visits on any pack

Restorative Yoga with self-healing holds and hot stone savasana. Refill your cup with Bliss. Restorative yoga uses bolsters and blankets to support the body in yoga inspired postures. With support your body rests deeply. You breathe naturally, sending signals to your nervous system to regenerate energy. Using Jin Shin Jyutsu self-healing holds, we direct blocked energy to flow easily. Warm stones on Marma points for Savasana sends us into a complete state of renewal and bliss. Use this time to release the tension from your workweek and step into your weekend with balance: mind, body, spirit and breath.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slowing down allows us to focus more on the parts of the flow, linking breath and movement more deeply. With a slow and steady pace, students can gain more precision, control and awareness of their bodies and practice. Alignment principles, guided visualization, and props will be used to support this practice suitable for all levels.

Tibetan Heart Yoga

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a transformative and self-healing yoga practice that merges the Indian and Tibetan lineages of yoga. Tibetan Heart Yoga emphasizes the benefits of visualization and meditation using authentic Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices and principles. With the wisdom of ancient teachings, we learn tools that help support our transitions and self-growth in our life off the mat. As we move through the practice we see how our focus supports the movement and may find more freedom and peace in our practice.

Sliding Scale Sundays

Making yoga available every Sunday with a sliding scale from $5-15. Moderate paced vinyasa flow suitable for all levels.

Private Yoga Instruction

The benefits of receiving a custom private yoga session are infinite. You will learn how to work with your body and modify postures offered in public classes. Private yoga is also helpful for chronic dis-ease, recovering from injury or surgery, and addressing high stress overload or transitional life experiences. If you’re new to yoga or a long time student wanting to deepen your practice and learn new skills, private yoga will support your yoga experience.