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This is where treating ourselves well becomes the daily standard.

Hillery encourages her clients to integrate all her offerings in order to receive the most benefits from your restorative and preventive health care plan. Receiving regular bodywork balances mood, increases vitality, prevents injury, supports fitness goals, and releases mental and physical fatigue.

Wake up to your own Mastery with yoga

There’s more to yoga than performing sun salutations and forcing painful positions.  My focus is on deepening the connection to yourself so you can manage chronic stress, pain or injury with intelligence.  I love making yoga FUNctional, safe, intuitive and inspiring. Incorporating correct postural recruitment, breath awareness, cross-lateral movement, dynamic stillness and slowing way down so we can listen to our bodies. This is all about supporing your inner discoveries and learning how to move in every day life with more awareness and skill.  

Healthy Aging Chair Yoga Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00

Seated yoga practice focusing on posture, abdominal recruitment, joint mobility, strength and stability. Breath awareness practice and guided visualization offer tools for managing stress.

Tibetan Heart Yoga Thursdays, 9:30-10:45

Embody classical Tibetan-Buddhist meditation practices. A complete yoga practice with asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, and guided imagery.

Dosha Balancing Asana Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45

For ages 50+. Move with more awareness. Identify pain patterns and learn how to activate your body's healing intelligence. Dosha Balancing Asana emphasizes how to balance the influences of season, stage of life, time of day in concert with your unchanging Nature.


Massage & The art of deep release

Safety is my priority. It’s the foundation of all I do and how I discovered my calling. When I’m giving a massage, my focus is on your comfort. That’s why I ask “is your temperature comfortable?”, “is your position comfortable?” The more comfort I can help you receive, the more you relax and that relaxed state provides safety to your nervous system. In that place of safety, your nervous system can receive new information that honors your true nature and who you are at the core. We return to our inherent balance. Even if it’s just for 75mins, that information gets imprinted and the benefits ripple out.

 My Self-Care Services address moving pain and stagnation, inviting vital energy, mental/emotional balancing, expanding breath awareness, internal visualization, and whole body revitaliztion.  Look over the options to find what massage will be your match.  Your nervous system and unchanging nature are my guides.  May you find refuge in new helpful habits, enhanced immunity resilience and rest in your whole self.

Precision Massage
Dynamic Detox with hot & cold stone therapy
Jin Shin Jyutsu & Alchemical Healing
Multi-Ray (Near, Medium, & Far)-Infrared Sauna for detox and meditation included in Ayurvedic Spa Services, Dynamic Detox and The Solo Experience
Complimentary with every table session: Amethyst & Tourmaline Bio-Mat for pain relief and purification
Radiant Marma Facial: Beautiful Stress Relief

Master Massage Artist

Patient Care Experience and Preventive Health Care

The industry standards for health care and patient progress are now changing to engage patient responsibility and the experience of the patient to be steered in the right direction to achieving their health care goals. The deeper we dive towards knowing ourselves means we can be the captain of our health ship. That’s why Roots & Wings motivates patient participation through self-help homework and practices. This is where treating ourselves well becomes the daily standard.

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Ayurveda for radiant health

Total health achieved through knowing your Nature. The five elements in nature are Ether (Space), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements have characteristics and qualities all their own and when combined form the building blocks for our individual and collective Nature.  Ayurveda is based in applying self-help tools for daily health maintenance.  Anti-aging practices include sinus health, digestive health, mental health, lymph and skin health, and pacifying chronic stress.

We all have tensions in life and bad habits that sneak in when we’re stressed out.  What if you had the tools for making healthy lifestyle choices even under stress?  Trends in healthy living come and go and are not one size shapes all.  Ayurveda emphasizes your unique nature and what choices to make regarding food, sleep, fitness, rest and work should all support that one thing:  Choices that are right for your constitution.  Explore how an Ayurvedic Consultation will be the best way to design your daily self help habits.  Look how Ayurvedic Bodywork Services support mental wellness, seasonal transitions, harmonious digestion and resilient immunity. 

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Over many years I’ve attended many yoga classes, and experienced many massages, but none can compare to the deep knowledge of the body/mind/spirit of Hillery. I’ve now come to understand the “magic” of Jin Shin Jyutsu and I look forward each week to deconstructed, gently effective yoga. What a miracle that we have Hillery right here in Quakertown!
I have been going to Hillery for several years and can honestly say she does the best bodywork/massage I have EVER had. Today I had the hot basalt and cold marble stone massage after spending 20 minutes in her new Far-Infrared Sauna. Hillery works on chronic pain issues and truly knows how to "listen" to your body.
After a marma balancing massage I am amazed! My skin was red and dry and the next day it had cleared up significantly, and has stayed clear since. Hillery is very knowledgeable and skilled in Ayurveda, I highly recommend!