Embody Your Wholeness

You’re a unique person, not a protocol. My approach to wellbeing connects you back to wholeness with self-health skills for healthy aging.

Responsive Healthcare

I’m passionate about healthy aging and the tools that holistic medicine gives us for living well in all the chapters of our lives. I see your True Nature and show you how to identify your strengths through self-study and inquiry. I amplify your inner knowing in tune with your instincts and intuition. Helping you develop a skill set for self-health guided by your constitution.

In-Person Services

Holistic Healing Arts

Movement-based Bodywork

Combing the benefits of massage and private yoga. Living with chronic pain, illness, or dis-ease is no reason to give up or just accept that you can’t feel better. This service fills in the gaps that popular rehab models leave out: Your Nature and Nervous System. I like to think of this as a way to design and integrate more movement into your lifestyle. This process looks closer at how you integrate self-health routines and rituals into your life and responsibilities. Through food, plant medicine, movement medicine, massage modalities and deep reflection, we clear the way of you to feel in control of your capacity to feel whole and connected. You’ll be able to identify unhelpful tendencies contributing to your imbalance and correct it from self-observation and skills to move with more joy, awareness and ease


Energy informs matter. The physical is actually the energetic manifesting in health or disease. Why not approach the source instead of the symptom? The ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu uses these pathways to balance mind, body, spirit, and breath. The practitioner uses her hands as “jumper cables” to hold specific areas on the body. A simple and gentle process, it allows the receiver to relax and the energy will begin flowing. Alpha and Beta states of deep relaxation are easily experienced with this profound healing art. Jin Shin helps to keep the body free of dis-ease; it decreases stress, helps change our focus, relieves pain and alleviates acute and chronic conditions. Hillery focuses suggests keeping this in your self-caring plan rotation. It is particularly helpful for supporting all stages of pregnancy, surgery preparation and recovery, injury prevention and treatment, TMJ, End of Life, Chronic illness, Severe stress and trauma recovery.

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Let your body and mind unwind with this exquisite massage experience. Being in cycles of chronic stress can dehydrate the body, accumulating tension and diminishing your body’s natural protection. Exfoliate and hydrate the largest organ you have, your skin. Your thoughts will rest as rhythmic massage choreography works the dosha-balancing, herbalized oils into your skin for maximum absorption. Surround yourself in the power of Snehana- Therapeutic oil application. The word ‘sneha’ in Sanskrit translates into love. Giving your body this act of love can help to prevent aging, improve vision, improve sleep, and deeply nourish the body.  I offer a complete menu of Ayurvedic Bodywork Services including Shirodhara, Basti, Abhyanga and Garshana. 

Rehab & Detox Services

Multi-ray Infrared Sauna

Climb into a tunnel of self-love. This amazing technology provides temporary relief from muscular pain including symptoms from arthritis, muscle spasms, sprains and strains. Hillery’s interest in providing the service is deeper than pain relief; She believes the deep cellular detoxification is where healing happens. Relaxing in the sauna with meditative music and color-light therapy is super relaxing and transformative. The skin is purified through increased circulation; your metabolic function increases along with boosting immune system’s response; and your blood pressure harmonizes. The fatigue from environmental toxins is released and you feel refreshed.

Medical Laser

Heighten your body’s ability to repair and restore.  Cold laser therapy uses low levels of energy or photons that penetrate deep into a painful tissue. The light leads to chemical changes that help damaged cells recover and regrow.

Included in Ayurvedic Basti sessions and Movement-based Bodywork

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Coming soon.  Self-Health Workshops, Group Coaching Containers, and Continuing Ed. for LMT’s

You're a unique person, not a protocol

Your Health is Your Greatest Asset

Sustaining Longevity

What if it’s possible to change your lifestyle and claim a decade more of meaningful living? I’ve designed a breakthrough 90 day group coaching program for making healthy lifestyle changes from the bottom up. Featuring my Healthspan Map, a method for making powerful choices: for what you eat, when you sleep, and when you move. Our medical system isn’t showing us how to prevent the problems of aging. But this program will show you how to sustain longevity and be a role-model for healthy aging.

Advanced LMT Training

Uplevel your credentials with practical skills in business, technique, and self-care for becoming a soft tissue specialist in your clinical work. Learn how to grow your practice and become an authority for injury treatment, nervous system whispering, body reading and professional conduct. If your clients are coming in with soft tissue mysteries that you can’t solve in the low back, neck or shoulders, these tools will help you become a proficient body detective. Seminars, hands-on practicum and group support will be the framework for your massage mastery ascension.

Self-Health with Jin Shin

Put the potency of self-health in your hands. Our healthcare system is very skilled at responding to emergency needs, but it falls short in giving preventive health guidance. My clients are looking for practical ways to help themselves and their families overcome chronic health problems such as digestive imbalance, stress reduction, joint pain or injury and mental/emotional overload. Quite often their doctors can’t give them practical actions to take at home. This online program gives you proactive skills for whole body health and wellness.

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Customers reviews

I cannot say enough positive things about Hillery and the services she offers. She introduced me to Ayurveda years ago through a lifestyle consultation and provided insight that I still utilize today. I have seen her through several different stages of my life and her services offer support that I believe would be hard to find anywhere else in the area. Hillery creates a very comfortable and relaxing environment. Personally, she listens and *hears* what I am trying to achieve for myself and goes above and beyond to provide me with the knowledge to do so. I'm very thankful to know Hillery and for all that she has taught me.
I first began going to Hillery several years ago to find relief for chronic neck and shoulder pain caused by a traumatic injury sustained in a car accident many years ago. There was tissue and nerve damage to the area as well and I was hoping that Hillery would be able help with my situation. Through her multi-faceted approach to my issues, not only did my pain/discomfort significantly decrease, but the tissue and nerve damage in my shoulder began to slowly regenerate! I have regained a good deal of feeling and muscle tone and am amazed at the continued progress being made. She is truly dedicated to improving people’s quality of life. She constantly expands her skill set and knowledge base and I continue to visit her regularly. I am so grateful that Hillery is in my life.
I would love to thanks an amazing healer, Hillery woods. I went in with hip/lower back pains that kept me awake for one week and unable to tie my own shoes. I went in for one hour with Hillery, and I finally slept soundly last night. She was able to release the stress I had caused in a very deep and hard to reach muscle in my hip. (Quite honestly, a muscle I never knew I had!) But it is her kindness, her gentle caring nature that touches me the most. She is a healer.